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Is There Money To Be Made In Depression Glass

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You've seen the shows on television. You've watched theauctions online. You've read the stories in the newspaper.

There always seems to be someone somewhere with an old dishthey've found in the corner of their attic that they werejust about to throw away or donate to a thrift shop whensomeone advised them to have an expert take a look at it,or to put it up for auction online, or to place itsomewhere for whatever you can get as long as it pays foryour advertisement. And lo and behold! What they thoughtwas fodder for the trash can or Goodwill turns out to bethe rarest piece of glassware this side of the Atlantic,and they've not only paid for their advertising - they'vegot no more financial worries for the remainder of theirlives!

Hearing such a story, I can guarantees it was not DepressionGlass. While money can be made, given it was mass producedby many companies for a number of years and can still be bought and sold in many locations, it may be another coupleof hundred years before a single piece can put you on easystreet!

But the very fact that professional dealers exist is an indication that money can be made in the buying and sellingof Depression Glass. And knowing the value of each piece inyour collection can have other purposes.

There are times when knowing what your pieces are worthserves a practical purpose. Suppose your agent needs toknow for loss-coverage purposes. Or maybe you've decided toget out of the Depression glass hobby and need to know anintelligent amount to place on your Depression glass piecesbefore you put them on the market. Or someone wanting topurchase a piece may approach you, and you need to knowwhat amount to accept. Conversely, you may also beinterested in acquiring a piece and need to have some ideaof an amount that won't sound ridiculous. These are allvalid reasons to know what your Depression glassware willbring on the current market. And that's the rub - thecurrent market.

The current market is relative to several things, which makeprice-guide books just that - guides. The best books canonly give us ballpark figures because so many other thingsaffect what we can or can't get for a piece of Depressionglass. Where in the country -- or the world -- you'relocated, the supply and demand for whatever piece or piecesyou're buying or selling, and, of course, the rarity andcondition of the glassware you're interested in - all thesefactor in to determine current market conditions.

Another thing to always remember is this bottom line:Anything - whatever it may be - is worth whatever you arewilling to give for it or to sell it for. It all boils downto how badly you want that Blue Ritz Royal Lace piece - orhow badly you want to get rid of it.

So go ahead and get your hands on the most currentguidebook. Study up on what people are giving and gettingfor pieces you're interested in. Talk to an expert, if youcan. Afterward, use that information as a tool and aguideline, only. And then go purchase or sell thatDepression glass piece and get your feet wet in themarketplace.

There's no greater teacher than experience!Until next time,

Murray Hughes

If you enjoyed this article by Murray Hughes, then visit Depression Glass Identification now and enrolin the free Depression Glass course "The 5 Essential StepsTo Becoming A Depression Glass Collector"For AOL users: Depression Glass Secrets


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