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A New Discovery Of An Old Secret

Some years ago, when the world seemed to close in on me and I felt asthough I was trapped between the sword and the wall, I made an excitingdiscovery. Actually, it was a phenomenon that was as old as dirt but ittook on significant meanings for me because it freed me from all myproblems and all the stresses and pressures that were being imposed uponme.

I discovered that there is only one simple root cause of all problems.When this primal cause becomes known, understood and properly applied, allproblems disappear like snowflakes on a hot griddle. In fact thisdiscovery launched me on a life-long career as a professional problemsolver for a widely diverse personal, professional and corporate clientbase that included many of the giants of American business.

I had discovered the law of opposites.

Take just a minute and think about the world you live in. Have you evernoticed how everything you're involved in is comprised of opposites?Opposites abound everywhere and in every situation. Webster has manydefinitions for opposites but they are best summed up in the one where hedefines opposites as "elements that are so far apart as to be totallyirreconcilable".

For example, we have such irreconcilable opposites as up and down, leftand right, short and tall, light and dark, assets and liabilities,success and failure, freedom and bondage and on and on and on. I doubtthat you think of anything that does not have an implied opposite

Think about it: We live in a world of division. We live in a world where"twoness" prevails; a world of duality where very position, situation andcondition is challenged by some alternative where one side is alwayspulling against another or pushing up against a wall that will not yield.

This is living in a world that is perfectly designed to promote struggle,turmoil, conflict, confusion, disputes and disagreements. This law ofopposites is the cause of all problems. Without knowing how to control orovercome this law of opposites, people try to adapt to it withoutrealizing that by so doing they only succeed in increasing theirfrustrations and prolonging any solution. Is it any wonder that so manypeople are suffering such pressures, stresses and anxieties!

If these people could somehow prevent this law from operating in theirindividual experiences they could enjoy living is a world where onenessprevailed and those things we call problems would have no influence overthem.

This might be best illustrated by using such familiar opposites aspositive and negative. Positives and negatives are opposites and havenothing in common. They cannot mix or commingle. Neither can one bedescribed in term of the other. Try as you might, you cannot successfullyjustify one to the other. They are opposites. It is the law!

A problem is defined by Webster as "an intricate, unsettled questionwithout an answer; a source of perplexity and vexation". By their verynature, problems are negative. Webster defines "negative" as "somethingthat is the opposite, or negation, of something". That "something" is thepositiveness of the problem's solution. Webster's definition of"positive" is "that which is real, not speculative, not fictitious andlogically affirmative; that which has actual existence".

Just as a negative has absolutely no positive characteristics, so apositive has absolutely no negative characteristics. They are opposites.It is the law! And because it is an absolute, universal law it is notsubject to chance, change, modification, circumvention or debate. Itmaintains its own integrity, is self- enforcing and works simply becauseit exists?forever! When properly applied it is your absolute assurance ofsuccessful conclusions.

The problem is negative and unreal. The objective is positive and real.Logic, then, demands that in order to experience your goal or objective orreceive the answer to your question, you must discipline yourself tomaintain a mind-set that is responsive to the positive ideas that willdissolve your negative problems.

This is probably the most demanding discipline you will ever be faced withbecause we've been trained to accept both positives and negatives asreal. From this premise, we attempt to solve a problem by confrontingit as an adversary with which we are compelled to do battle. We try to"understand" it and "deal" with it as though it were a reality instead ofsimply being a negation of that which we are seeking.

Does all this sound too abstract to be practical in what we call the"real" world of nuts and bolts? While individual circumstances will vary,the procedural application of this law is always the same.( See my article "Taking the Problem Out of Problem Solving")Consider this case study: Static sale plagued a company and great effortand money was invested to find some means by which they could increase thesales volume of their product. Their best efforts failed and theyresigned themselves to the conviction that the market was flooded to thepoint of saturation and nothing further could be done. They were preparedto "eat their losses" and move on.

Then the principles embodied in this discovery were initiated by oneindividual who, in the secrecy of his own thought, maintained theintegrity of this positive, constructive, solution oriented approach. Hementally rejected all discussions that focused on the "problem" eventhough circumstances required that he be involved in them. Soon a planbegan developing in his thought. Every detail of a brand newmerchandising procedure unfolded that was a radical departure from alltraditional methods. The plan was implemented and sales increasedimmediately to a level that far exceeded the company's most optimisticprojections. As an added bonus, the implementation of this plan did notrequire any additional capital expenditures.

This confirms Victor Hugo's statement that, "there is nothing morepowerful than the right idea whose time has come".

The sales "problem" simply disappeared. Why? Because, being an unrealnegation, it never did have the substance or reality of its positiveopposite. Where did the problem go? It went to the same place the flatworld went as soon as Columbus discovered that it was really round. Itdidn't "go" anywhere because it wasn't a real "something" to begin with!

Details of this discovery are fully outlined in a logical continuity ofdemonstrable natural laws and principles in my latest book "The DYNAMICSof ACHIEVEMENT".

For more than 40 years Davis Goss has been a creative consultant withparticular expertise in problem solving for widely divers client base thathas included many of the giants of American business. His latest book,"The DYNAMICS of ACHIEVEMENT": outlines the details of his unique problemsolving methods that are based solely on proven scientific principles.

Davis Goss has had more than 40 years experience as a creative consultant to the benefit of a widely diverse client base that has included amny nof the giants of American busibess. His particular expertise in problem solving and new product development. His latest book "The DYNAMICS of ACHIEVEMENT" details the continuity of his scientific approach whichis based solely on natural laws and principles.


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