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Push The Right Button

You can live a much more successful life than you think! Just push the right button and see how it opens the doors of success for you. Yes, its so simple and easy. Yet the great majority of people fail to achieve success. Why? Because they push the wrong buttons.

The switch board of life has both right and wrong buttons; the right buttons of success and the wrong buttons of failure. You need to differentiate between the two if you want to succeed in life. You should not blindly push any button. Be selective! Life is not a gamble!

Any creative activity is a right button and any time wasting activity is a wrong button. Develop the habit of indulging yourself in creative activities and avoid time wasting activities. A successful person keeps on pushing the right buttons all the time and thus keeps on flying high on the aeroplane of success.

In a free society, we are all at liberty to live our lives at our own will. Its just like a loaded pistol in our hands. We can either kill our enemies with it or ourselves. Most people kill themselves even without realizing it. They only realize their mistake when they are faced with multiple failures and end up in poverty, misery and bankruptcy. Before its too late, one must stop pushing the wrong buttons.

Draw a switch board of your life. Indicate all your right and wrong buttons; your positive and negative habits; your creative as well as time wasting activities, etc. Make a firm commitment to yourself that you will never again push the wrong buttons. Cross out all the wrong buttons from the switch board of your life. Concentrate on the right buttons and let the doors of success open for you. If you have a reliable friend who is also interested in self-improvement then you can share your views with him/her. You can both encourage and motivate each other to work on the success plan of your lives.

Good luck!

About The Author

Hifzur Rehman is the author of popular articles on self-improvement. His website offers articles on self-improvement, health and fitness, beauty and skin care, travel and leisure and personal finance and investment, tools, tutorials and other useful material for a happy and successful living.

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