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Our Limitless Quantum Reality

Modern science tells us that on a sub-atomic level -- nothing is solid. That the entire universe is really one big web of vibrating "energy stew."

If everything is just energy, why do we seem to be solid?We're told that everything in the physical world is really information contained in tiny packets of energy.

That on a sub-atomic level, we are vibrating fields of energy. And that in spite of appearances . . . our bones, muscles, nerves, hair and skin are not really "solid" at all.

"But," you might very well protest. "Why then does everything look solid?"


We don't see the world as energy because it vibrates too fast (at the speed of light) for our senses.

If we could see and process information at the speed of light, we would be able to see right into the vibrating "quantum energy stew."

It's true that when you touch your desk, it does feel solid. But this is because both the desk and your hand are made up of atoms.

You remember from high school science that atoms are made up of a tiny nucleus (center) surrounded by an energy cloud of electrons.

The sensation of "solid" is the result of the electron clouds of your hand bumping up against the electron clouds of your desk.

** The Ultimate Creative Power

The same is true of our physical brains. They are also vibrating fields of energy and information. And our thoughts are also very real energy in motion.

In truth, the "solid" world only exists in our minds. We imagine the physical world into existence. And likewise through the amazing power of our thoughts, we imagine our physical selves into existence. Think about the implications.

This is an outrageously powerful creative act. Imagine for a moment what you can do with such awesome creative power.

** The Energetics of Life

Our individual human energy systems are influenced by everything we come in contact with. When your hand "touches" the surface of your desk, the two energy fields momentarily blend and exchange information.

Enter a room and you begin to literally exchange sub-atomic energy with everyone else in the room.

Walk into an old church and you'll feel a sensation of peace. The church structure itself has incorporated the "vibrations" of the church-goers. This is hard science -- not some "ooo gum boo gum" mystical theory.

What does this mean? Everything (including each of us) is part of the one vast interconnected web of intelligent energy.

And the leading edge of the scientific world is convinced that this web of energy is the source of "universal consciousness."

Whether or not you agree with that interpretation - it's now clear that on a sub-atomic level, each of us is influenced by literally everything around us. And we, in turn, influence everything else.

** The Source of Our Limitations

Still . . . although we are made up of intelligent energy, and are directly connected to everything else in the universe, most of us still have "limitations."

What is the nature of these limitations?

They're actually nothing more than "beliefs!"

As children we were programmed with the beliefs of our parents, our siblings, our teachers, our friends, our churches, and our society.

We were taught to believe we have certain limits. Over time these beliefs took on the disguise of reality.

But are you really what others programmed you to believe you are?


You are a wildly creative being capable of creating your own fresh interpretation of reality.

Suppose you chose to reprogram your old belief system, and create an entirely new reality for yourself! How wonderful, exciting, and fulfilling could your life become?

What is there (really?) that prevents you from doing this right now . . . today?

(c) 2004 All Rights Reserved

The author, Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler, is a doctor of psychology, pioneer brain/mind researcher, and former advisor to the Pentagon, a Presidential Commission, and numerous top executives and executive teams.

The author of several books and hundreds of articles, she is also the co-founder of, and the Creative Director of the Self Discovery Community. She can be reached at:

Come visit the exciting Self Discovery Community. Discover the most interesting, unusual, stimulating and creative methods of self discovery on the web today! Free sizzling weekly ezine, and the web's first Brain Gym ezone.


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