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While the inception of penicillin brought a bit of a stir, and the television warranted some focus, it is somewhat easier now to fashion an idea into something sustainable.

Easier again is the ability to make an idea into a business without leaving the house.

For this to happen, we must blame our current communications networks, or more specifically, the Internet.

Tele commuting, as it is known, can never replace physical relocation. Nor is it likely that we will be able to download a pint of milk. We can though, order such a necessary protein.

Modern society has become a blessing to the infirm and physically compromised, due to the relative ease with which an individual can access services and create services.

Not many will claim it to be simple, as it isn't. Few can say that it is impossible where everything but the idea itself is present.

It is the idea and the future protection of it, which will be the issue, as new ideas must muscle some space in a world revolving on existing ideas.

Being good enough is not enough, as competition will argue. All aspects must be covered from the type of marketing to the targeting of an audience.

A burger joint in the middle of an unpopulated dessert could only work where the indigenous camels have an understanding of money, as well as convenience food.

Indeed, the delivery of an idea even supersedes the idea itself. Evidence of this is everywhere, with rather silly ideas turned into success stories because the correct and most impressionable markets were focused upon. Thereafter, some time to progress was inevitable.

Without a doubt, though anything on-line is convenience at its best and has real-time update abilities that its off-line counterparts can never have. In some countries, taxation doesn't apply where the product is electronically deliverable.

"The burger joint must restock, while the on-line business reboots and reloads".

Negligible inventory, increased automation and user-friendly interfaces mean that possibilities are less punishing and within the grasp of anyone so inclined.

Even to be able to discuss anything with a stranger on opposing sides of our planet opens up a networking potential. While some might take it for granted, it was impossible some time ago and such strangers would not even be known, let alone contactable.

So it is true that focussing on an idea can be difficult in a distractive world.

It is also true that it is simpler not to even bother.

But, "where the will is there, the way of it is becoming more amenable".

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