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Articles on Artistic Creativity

Creative Drought

For the past several hours, I've struggled with this week's message, the words, "what will I write?" screaming in my ears. I've felt like the princess who promises her first born child to the little man named "Rumplestiltskin" if only he will spin straw into gold. Unfortunately, I'm not a princess and Rumplestiltskin is no where to be found.

Finally, it dawned on me that the most helpful thing I might share this week is how vital it is to embrace the empty spaces that crop up in life rather than running from them. Creativity is a process that ebbs and flows. And if my past experience is any indicator, often times a period of stillness or seeming emptiness precedes a period of awesome creativity (I hope!).

So if you find yourself in a waiting period, a period of low or no creativity, a period when the ideas aren't coming, the creative juices seem to have dried up, I invite you to join me in celebrating the wait rather than cursing it. Do what you can in the interim, whether that's clean up files, return calls, balance your checkbook, walk the dogs or any of a thousand other necessary daily activities. Don't do them as a way of escaping the creative drought; rather do them mindfully, knowing that dry spells happen and in the meantime, life goes on.

It's also a time to ask what part of yourself may have become disconnected in the busyness of your life. Are you neglecting some aspect of your self care? Perhaps you were journaling and have stopped. Maybe you're involved in activities and organizations that no longer reflect your values, or you need to reconnect with friends or renew some spiritual practice. What part of your life have you disowned or misdirected? Take a look to see what you find.

I hope these thoughts are helpful to you. Thanks for allowing me to share a part of my creative journey that doesn't often get airtime. And remember these oft-quoted words, "this too shall pass."

Until next time,

Quote of the Week

"It's terribly amusing how many different climates of feeling one can go through in a day." ~~Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Betty Mahalik has been coaching small business owners, independent professionals and leaders who want to achieve more but stress less, since 1996. Her background includes several years in the broadcasting and public relations fields prior to starting her own firm in 1987. She is an accomplished public speaker and corporate trainer specializing in communications, goal-setting and leveraging your strengths. Since 2001, she has written a weekly motivational message, free to subscribers, titled Monday Morning Coach. To subscribe or learn more about Betty's coaching and training services, visit


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