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Articles on Artistic Creativity

Are You A Creative Meathead?

Remember Archie Bunker's description of what a Meatheadwas on All in the Family?

Dead, from the neck up!

When it comes to creaivity, innnovation, coming up with ideas that magically turn into money - are you alive?

Ever wonder how some of the big names in business are able tocontinually come up with new, innovative product ideas, marketing programs and publicity projects?

New ideas are the lifeblood of leaping to the top of your field.

Without diving into the bowels of scientific theory, itis absolutely true that to fuel creativity, your brain needsnew input.

Great ideas are not developed out of ether, but rather arethe result of multiple experiences, thoughts and knowledgecombining to trigger new offshoots.

The more you feed your brain, the more great ideas it willreward you with.

Here's a couple of tips to become more creative - even in the busiest of lifestyles:

1. Get Tuned In. Notice everything around you and howit could relate to your business. You will find that hundredsof things pass us by each day because we are just not tunedin. Live IN the moment - suck up everything. Feed your brainand it will respond by automatically becoming more creative.

2. Break Your Rouine. Most of us follow a very regimented routine (how we wake up, morning routine, route to work, when we take breaks, etc...). Routine, while comforting,lulls the mind into a sleepy blob - break routine and re-activateyou mind.

3. Believe you are Creative. Deep down, most of us believewe are creatively inadequate. Using affirmations, meditation, exercises, visualization - you can break down those beliefs.Write positive statements about what you want to be and go overthem each and every day for 2-weeks - you'll see results!

There are some great books on this topic - the best one I come back to again and again is "Thinkertoys" by Michael Michalko,you can pick it up on Amazon or through your local bookstore.

If you are looking for a resource to help you generate and test ideas for your next information product, then we've put togetherThe Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package" over at to help you do just that.

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