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Articles on Artistic Creativity

SoulCollage - Combining Collage Fun with Spiritual Practice

SoulCollage? is a unique blend of spiritual practice and the fun of collage. Using our intuition and imagination, we create a deck of collaged cards where each card reflects a different aspect of who we are. The cards are then used to assist us to access our own deep wisdom and help us answer our life's questions. You don't need to be an artist to do SoulCollage?; all you need is a willingness to go within.

This delightful, introspective craft is also:

  • total creative fun and enjoyment,
  • a healing process that takes us on an inward journey of discovery and delight,
  • a way to heal our inner separations,
  • a way to connect with other individuals who enjoy collage and a spiritual path, and
  • a powerful tool for self-reflection.

SoulCollage? is a creative process wherein we make something unique, something that never existed before. It is an imaginative process that takes us to those "inner worlds" we seldom take the time to explore. And it is an intuitive process that encourages us to activate our innate intuition as we spend time listening to our deepest self.

The creative craft of SoulCollage? attracts both professional and nonprofessional artists as well as those of us who would never call ourselves an "artist" in a million years. So even if you don't think of yourself as an artist, that's okay. When you are immersed in the process of creating your cards, you are an artist and it won't be long before you are more comfortable defining a part of yourself in this way.

When making and interpreting your SoulCollage? cards, you are released from the expectation of being "good" or creating something that someone will want to buy or hang in their gallery, because that is not its purpose. The purpose of each card is for you and you alone! It doesn't really matter if your friends and family understand (or even like) your cards. What matters is that you understand them and like them, because each one expresses a unique part of your being.

Seena Frost, M.Div., M.A., created the process of SoulCollage? during the 1980's while working with clients in her psychotherapy practice. The materials used are few and simple: mat board, scissors, glue, and magazines.

Each of us is on our own spiritual life journey and we can make the journey smoother and more joyful by practicing SoulCollage.

Anne Marie Bennett is a freelance writer and self-taught artist who enjoys playing with mixed-media collage, and all forms of color and words. She has a BS degree in Education from Southern Connecticut State University and has taught children, teens and adults throughout the East Coast. She is a breast cancer survivor and feels closest to her own soul when she is writing, creating art, teaching, and sharing the gift of SoulCollage® with others. She lives in Beverly with her husband Jeff and two highly cherished (and spoiled) feline companions named Sasha and Scooter. Please visit her website for more information on SoulCollage and to see examples of SoulCollage cards.


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